Conditions for admission and transfer of students

Conditions for admission and transfer of students for the academic year 2018/2019

Conditions for Admission of Egyptian Students:

–  Get the General Certificate of Secondary or equivalent to the minimum admission college.

Conditions for transfer:

– The College does not accept any transfers in that year from corresponding colleges such as     (South Valley Dentistry) only credit hours.

– Does not accept the transfer of colleges corresponding to the lists of the question for the college, and the conversion is limited to the first and second teams only.

For the acceptance of the transfer restriction:

– Acceptance of the transfer of enrollment from the faculties of human medicine and pharmacy Ain Shams University only that the student holds a total of Faculty of Dentistry Ain Shams University for that year

– It is not allowed to transfer the student’s enrollment in the higher band and he does not count his scissors and treat his new treatment on the first year of the total secondary school or its equivalent in the year he obtained it.

For reducing alienation:

5%of the accepted numbers in the coordination office in the same year for those holding the Egyptian public high school and they are nominated in the first year only

Conditions of the acceptance and transfer of foreign students

For new students: –

– Students apply through the website of the Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector to complete the information form, and upload a passport copy – taking into account the full name to be identical to the passport and other documents

At the end of the application, the student prints the proof of the application:

The student shall submit his full papers as it is followed to the university directly during the mentioned dates, including the original letter of the embassy with proof of submission.

In case the new student wishes to transfer, he is not required to apply on the site again

It applies directly to the new college in the same university or another university full paper including a copy of the proof of the old submission and application form for the old college and a statement of the case of the embassy and the letter of conversion to the new college and meets new data the new college showing the previous registration data (college / university / degree The student shall bring all the papers himself or his embassy (including the approval of the Embassy to transfer) to the General Administration to accept and grant the Department of expatriates in the ministry