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The project of establishing electronic services units in colleges seeks to provide the elements of continuous development for education in the field of information technology to keep pace with the rapid scientific and technological developments and to upgrade students, faculty members and faculty staff to reach a remarkable level of competence.

The Mission

The mission of the project to establish electronic services units in colleges is to support the performance of academic tasks through technology support, training and continuous development and work to spread the culture of technological empowerment for the university community of (students – faculty members – employees) in order to facilitate their teaching, research and administrative activities . And work to achieve the transition to electronic transactions for educational, academic, financial and administrative operations in colleges.

Unit goals:

Follow up the work of the college’s internal network

Download original software and copy anti-virus software

Coordination and cooperation with the university network administration in order to achieve the required goals and policies

Carry out the required expansions for the College’s wired and wireless network in coordination with the University’s network

Activate the e-mail service for students and faculty members

Collecting and publishing college news and updating the college data on the electronic portal

Contribute to converting academic courses into electronic courses

Provide administrative technical support to the college and maintain the systems used by them

Workshops for faculty and administrative staff of the college to serve the goals of the unit

Connecting the college councils through the university’s sun program.

Modernization of teaching aids in the stands with the latest electronic media, including the Interactive Project, and workshops were conducted through the Conference Call with professors at universities abroad and inside Egypt.

Wi-Fi serves all college roles.

The work of linking the special units of the college to each other and dispensing with the paper style, including linking the rays to the departments and the other, where the rays can be compared in the relevant department immediately after issuance.

College carnets have been made for students of different teams. Through it, separate places are entered into the college electronically, as it contains a smart chip, and a barcode has been used on the card for each student that allows in the future that attendance is taken through him electronically.

The official e-mail has been activated for students of different teams, faculty members and graduate students, and all transactions and information related to it shall be sent.

A specialized company was contracted to maintain the devices and networks, and a number of non-functioning devices were entered into service again.

The unit works to provide continuous technical support to remedy any urgent problem in the education service.

The unit is currently studying the capabilities of the electronic college to provide a recommendation for the college’s need to design the educational service and set a time plan to develop the capabilities of the college.

The unit cooperates with the administrative departments of the college to provide services, including providing the electronic fingerprint service.

Wi-Fi serves all college roles.

Attended the workshop of the Knowledge Bank, Faculty of Commerce – Ain Shams University.

Performing a thesis examination (quote) by sending theses and master’s and doctoral theses and protocols.

Quick response to the college’s inquiries on the social networking site (for faculty and graduate members and students of all teams).

All network points were maintained in the college and the IP address of each device was determined to organize the college’s network.

New points were added to the various college departments to expand the network.

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi devices causing network problems.

The main switch (internet access) has been fixed and the IPs distribution system has been restored

Wi-Fi devices have been added, installed and commissioned for some stands.

Review all college computers and fix hardware, screens and print malfunctions.

Review the projector devices in the college and make an inventory of them.

Providing technical support to the college council, meetings and workshops held at the college.

Supervision and follow-up on the control room of the Central Sterilization Unit through attendance and departure times and the work of carnivals for them and giving some powers to nursing staff, but not others, through the directives of the senior management, each in its own area.

Follow-up and supervision of the electronic examinations for the different teams. An exam was conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education for students of the Faculty of Dentistry, Fifth year, the unified knowledge test for the dental sector.