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About Department

Oral Pathology Department seeks to be the leading in the field of academics, histopathological innovations, research and patient care. And aspires keeping up with technology. It also aims at developing the scientific research and leadership skills of students.

S Name Academic Degree
1 Mohamed Salah Eldeen Ayoub Emeritus Professor
2 Adel Mohamed Abdel Azeem Emeritus Professor
3 Ehab Saied Abdel Hameed Professor
4 Eman Mohamed Helmy El Morsi Professor
5 Mohamed Hossam Eldeen El Malahi Professor
6 Hoor Mostafa Boghdadi Professor
7 Aya Abdel Kader Ahmed Taha Lecturer
8 Shaimaa Eliwa Ghazi Eliwa Lecturer
9 Nermeen Sami Afifi Gad Lecturer
10 Seham Ahmed Abdel Ghani El Mowafi Lecturer
11 Shaimaa Mostafa Masloob Ali Lecturer
12 Rehab Fouad Fathi Abdel Meguid Lecturer
13 Alaa Ali Mohamed Abo Samra Lecturer
14 Basma Abdel Rahman Ahmed El Sayed Assistant Lecturer
15 Ebtihal Mahmoud Mahoud Ismaiel Assistant Lecturer
16 Fatma Serag Eldeen Abdalla Assistant Lecturer
17 Noran Ali Mohamed Sahl Hamad Assistant Lecturer
18 إسراء على محمود برسى Teaching Assistant
20 ابتهال أحمد قاسم مرزوق Teaching Assistant
21 غادة علاء محمد عزيز ابراهيم Teaching Assistant
22 ايمان احمد محمد احمد  عبد الله  Teaching Assistant
23 مريم محمد مجدى على حامد  Teaching Assistant
24 كرمه نبيل  الدسوقى مصطفى ابو شمعة Teaching Assistant