Two days course provides practical information based on proven science for pediatric dentists about managing the developing dentition and occlusion and its effect on the well-being of children and adolescents. Management includes the recognition, diagnosis, and appropriate treatment of dentofacial abnormalities, so that they can provide the best oral health care for their patients.

Topics Covered:
•Identify normal growth & development patterns 
•Detect early occlusal abnormalities
•Recognize the proper treatment timing
•Guide the eruption of the permanent teeth 
•Control of oral habits 
•Management of space problems in children
•How to use space regainers 
•Early correction of anterior & posterior crossbite.
•Management of anterior open bite in children 
•Differentiate between dental and skeletal problems
•Recognize orthopedic correction of skeletal discrepancies that could be accomplished in the young, growing patient.

Hands on :
Fabricate band & loop space maintainer

Dr.Noha Hussein
Lecturer of Orthodontics Ain Shams University

Dr.Sarah M. Shafik 
Lecturer of Pediatric Dentistry Beni- Suef University

Date:12,13 April 2018

For More Info Or Registration: 
01116343676 - 01065463133


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