Center manager: a. Dr. Mohamed Nasser

Creation date: 28/2/2000

Phone: 22601217

Fax: 22603983


Center Objectives:

Providing advanced treatment service using the latest devices and tools.

The faculty members perform the therapeutic service according to a schedule

specific to each of them.

Carrying out scientific research and studies to raise the level of therapeutic service.

Contribute to the service of members of the community, with a symbolic wage.

What has been created:

The Outstanding Pay Therapy Unit of the Faculty of Dentistry – Ain Shams University was opened, which serves the community in the treatment of all dental specialties under the supervision of the faculty members of the faculty and with the latest equipment in treatment, and the finest materials used in the field of dentistry. This unit is fully operational and has Modern dental devices and units.

A large number of patients visit the center daily.

The unit treats the following specialties:

Orthodontics transparent and normal.

Dental implants and bone implants.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeries.

The work of fixed installations by computer.

The work of the mobile fixtures installed on dental implants.

Performing root canal treatment and fillings by computer with the same color as the teeth.

Children’s dental treatment.

Treatment of jaw joint pain under local and kidney anesthetic.

Operating rooms for oral and maxillofacial surgeries and dental treatment

Children and cases of cleft lip.