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magazine development
Development file of the scientific journal of Ain Shams University) AIN SHAMS DENTAL JOURNAL (ASDJ

First: the administrative structure of the magazine

The administrative structure of the magazine consists of:

Editor in Chief

Editing Assistants

editorial board

Editorial Admin

Attached is a name file and job descriptions for all members of the structure

Second: Preparing and dividing the magazine:

The magazine is published in the English language on a quarterly basis in the months: January, April, July and October, with two additional semi-annual issues if research articles are available in June and December. A total of six issues per year.

The journal is divided internally into specialized sections according to the scientific sections of the field of dentistry, and each section contains a maximum of 7 research articles.

The magazine is published in two formats, the first in print and the second on the magazine’s website (or on the Knowledge Bank website if the enrollment is completed).

In the future, two chapters will be added to the magazine

The first chapter is articles on modern dentistry presented by the college professors and heads of the college’s special units

The second is an annual chapter for young researchers, which is a competition between young researchers (students of “excellent doctors” graduates who have not obtained or applied for any postgraduate program)

Attached file of different sections

Third: The method of accepting and publishing the scientific article:

The researcher sends the article to the journal’s e-mail as follows:

Full article (word document)

The article is without a title or the names of the researchers (word document)

A file with the names and degrees of researchers, with an explanation of the principal researcher and the person responsible for communicating with the journal.

A letter of approval of the copyright and copyright signed by the main researcher on behalf of the rest of the researchers (photocopy)

Answer from the Ethics Committee in the case of submitting a research study on living organisms or on patients

v A complete file of instructions is available for the researcher on the magazine’s website, and it can be sent to any researcher via the magazine’s help email

v Any research hand-delivered to the management of the magazine is not considered

§ After submitting the research, the journal administration conducts a work cycle for the research article (details in a later part).

The research article is accepted in two stages:

The first stage: initial approval based on calculating the citation factor ≤20, and the number of words for the summary from 200-250 words, written in sound English.

The second stage: the final approval after the approval of the scientific review, and the approval letter is issued on this date after paying the publishing expenses and approving the publication draft.

§ It will be published in the current issue or in the nearest available issue.

§ Only 2 research papers are published for the main researcher in one issue.

Fourth: Publication fees:

§ In the case of the initial acceptance (first stage) of the research article, a member of the magazine’s administrative team calculates the article’s fees according to a price list and reviews the amount with the editor-in-chief or editorial assistants

The total amount of research will be sent with an explanation of the following details:

The amount is paid in two installments, the first payment is 600 Egyptian pounds, non-refundable administrative expenses in the case of rejection or the researcher’s withdrawal of the article (the researcher can withdraw the article within one week from the first email and before paying the administrative expenses). The specified amount is paid no later than 7 Business days from the date of the email

The second payment is the rest of the total amount after the final approval of the research article. The specified amount is paid no later than 7 working days from the date of the email.

§ The researcher must send an email to the magazine management agreeing to the publishing expenses and conditions.

§ Payment is made at the current headquarters of the magazine, the office of the Vice Dean for Community and Environmental Affairs, Faculty of Dentistry, Ain Shams University, receiving the receipt and sending a photocopy of it by e-mail to administer the magazine.

§ It is expected that the cycle for obtaining the approval letter for publication will be between 4-6 weeks.

Attached is an appendix for the price list of publishing costs

Fifth: In the event of not entering the Knowledge Bank:

Purchase of plagarism software program

Get an ISSN online number


Scientific journal prices
The name, the service, the price, the price.

Administrative fees are non-refundable in case of rejection or withdrawal after one week from the date of the payment order 600 EGP

An ordinary article of 5,000-3000 words without references, including 2 images and a table, 1650 EGP

A long article, for every 500 words more than a regular article, 300 c.

More pictures of 100 m.

Tables of 100 increment m.

Reprints are determined by the size of the article and the number of copies required.

* A 10% discount is made for faculty members and the supporting staff at Ain Shams University, provided that the main publisher is.

The current location of Ain Shams magazine