Continuing Dental Education and Training Unit and community service research

Unit Manager: Dr. Kamal Ebeid
Creation Date : 09/14/1998
Phone: 22601217
Fax: 22603983
Email :

Unit Objectives:

  • Contribute to the evaluation and development of study curricula and scientific training.
  • Develop and update teaching and clarification methods.
  • Training and providing computer services to print scientific theses and scientific research.
  • Organizing scientific and clinical training courses for graduates in the branches of dentistry with the aim of gaining experience, developing professional skills, and informing the graduate of everything modern.
  • Encouraging and following up scientific research of an applied nature in the field of serving the profession and society.
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Health in carrying out research, field studies and training.
  • Organizing international and Arab conferences as well as educational seminars in the field of dentistry.
  • Publication of Ain Shams Dental Journal.