laser center

Unit Director: Prof. Dr. Ramy Maher Ghaly

The laser unit of the Continuing Dental Education Unit was inaugurated as part of the college’s keenness to achieve leadership in related fields
In dentistry, in accordance with the university’s policies, a specialized laser application center was established to serve the objectives of teaching, scientific research,
Treatment and Continuing Medical Education, a unique unit entrusted with:
Patient treatment including:

  • The use of modern technologies in cosmetic and dental surgery without pain
  • The activities of the laser center will be opened by conducting five annual workshops during the year 2017.
    The suggested times are January/March/July/September/November, and you can add
    Other educational activities in the center whenever the college so decides.

Training courses have been conducted in the center, which are:
 Laser dentistry course, which was held from 28/12/2017 to 19/2/2017 and the number of participants was 15.
 Laser dentistry course, which was held from 30/3/2017 to 27/4/2017 and the number of participants is 11.
 Contributing to scientific research submitted by faculty members in the college and outside the college.
 The laser center provides training for Egyptian and foreign dental students from inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.