Micrometrics and Tumor Diagnostics Unit

Unit manager:

Dr. Ahmed Al-Banna
Creation date : 2/28/2000
Phone: 22601217
Fax: 22603983
Website: Dentistry.asu.edu.eg
E-mail :

Unit Objectives:

  • Examination and diagnosis of histological samples.
  • Providing a specialized service for the measurements of materials used and resulting from dental research, provided that it is for a predetermined fee.
  • Writing the results of accurate measurements and reports of microscopic diagnosis and giving a certificate of that.
  • Diagnostic x-rays and report writing.
  • Holding training courses on the use of accurate measuring devices and participating in similar courses inside and outside Egypt.

Unit achievements:

  • Contributing to scientific research submitted by faculty members in the college and outside the college.
  • Providing services to dental materials companies and suppliers to evaluate imported materials and the journal used for dental treatment.
  • Consultations in the field of various researches that serve the environment.

New devices have been added to the unit of accurate measurements and are fully operational, namely:

  • General mechanical properties measuring device.
  • Heat stress device.
  • Acidity and alkalinity meter.
  • These modern devices reflected positively on the unit, and this unit achieved a distinguished financial position during this period.