digital calendar center

Responsible for the Center: Prof. Dr. Noha Thabet
Dr. Ahmed Mustafa Zaki, Dr. Marwa Salah Abdel Latif

Believing in the importance of scientific research and its development, the first digital calendar center in the Middle East was established by developing educational means for dental students in universities at the postgraduate level and providing an opportunity for researchers to take advantage of advanced technology and keep pace with technological progress in the field of scientific research not only in the field of orthodontics but in other specialties Miscellaneous dentistry.

The center also contributes to the development of the estimated treatment service for patients in the college. The center provides these distinguished services to all researchers in the field of dental decontamination at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Middle East.

– The Digital Prosthetics Center was established – College of Dentistry on 7/8/2016.

– A stem cell unit was established in the college 2/4/2018 and a simulation lab was established in the college.