Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
Prof. Dr. Karim El Boutouty

Proceeding from the need to provide scientific competencies of dentists in different Aware disciplines of the leadership role that must be played by the college in the service of society, whether in Egypt or in the Arab world, the College made sure that occupies a center of excellence in the field of dental studies and their aims

 As next:

  • contribute to the enrichment of human knowledge in all its branches through specialized studies and research hard to reach scientific and applied innovative additions and revealing new facts.
  • enable outstanding students of university degrees from Egypt and the Arab world to continue their higher studies.
  • Preparation of scientific and professional competencies and specialized rehabilitation of highly qualified in the various fields of knowledge.
  • Encouraging scientific talent to keep pace with the rapid progress of science and technology and push them to the creativity, innovation and the development of scientific research and guidance to address the Arab community issues.
  • contribute to the improvement of the level of undergraduate programs to interact with graduate programs.
  • develop research experience which enables the student to independent scientific research.
  • the preparation of a new generation of university professors looking the burden of teaching in the dental colleges in Egypt and also in the Arab world. On the basis of these objectives has been the Department of the College has prepared this guide according to the latest amendments in the list and the list of graduate studies to be between the hands of the student as an effective means being able to know the different departments of the college guided by this guide to be aware of the conditions required and the courses which will be studied undergraduate.